An MP from the Party of Regions Taras Chornovil presumes Viktor Yanukovych can refuse from participation in the presidential campaign. He said in an interview for Ukraina molodaya.

“The party’s surrounding are speaking about it frankly. Many people are indignant at Yanukovich’s delays… It is very important for people in business – to know someone be based on”, Ukrainskaya Pravda is citing MP as saying.

According to the MP, the Party of Regions will not take part in the presidential impeachment initiated by Petro Symonenko, leader of the Communist party of Ukraine.

As for negotiations on the formation of a coalition with BYuT, Chornovil confirmed, “negotiations have been resumed. But I do not believe it will be effective”, he said. “On the one hand, BYuT was delaying the matter because they were afraid of speaking this aloud. The Party of Regions was speaking about it openly but one of the groups interfered and supressed this”, Taras Chornovil added.


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