The Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko is convinced the Verkhovna Rada, within nearest time, will approve a Law On support of the aviation branch. The Head of Government announced during the talks with employees of Kharkiv State Aviation Production Enterprise, held in the frames of her working visit to Kharkiv, Government portal reported.

According to Yulia Tymoshenko, the mentioned Law will enable to back aviation domain of Ukraine in the crisis period and envisage providing for the avia enterprises benefits from land tax and imported components to the aircrafts.

During the meeting with labour collective the Premier imparted in December the Government had approved the Aviation Development Program, the realization of which will give chance to reconstruct and upgrade Ukrainian aircraft enterprises. As Yulia Tymoshenko explained Ukrainian planes are in great demand within the world – “the most important is that we could build the planes, much awaited all over the world”. Yulia Tymoshenko said “we have capacities and orders for 10-15 years to come”.

The Prime Minister also stressed the Government had analyzed the situation in aircraft building and elaborated complex measures how to improve the branch.

As she put it, the Gov’t is planning to financially invigorate every aircraft enterprise, restructure debts accumulated for the previous years.

The Premier promised the Government would allocate UAH 380 mn from the Stabilization Fund to complete construction of 9 planes being assembled by Kharkiv State Aircraft Enterprise, that are almost 90% ready. According to her, the fulfilled orders will bring profit worth USD 212 mn.

Besides, Yulia Tymoshenko assured as Prime Minister, on the diplomatic level, she will facilitate at most all negotiation processes with the other world countries concerning order of planes of Ukrainian state enterprises.


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