First Vice-Chairman of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Lavrynovych believes that the  coalition must be a politically identified structure supported by the majority of citizens at the elections.

"The parliamentary model is more suitable for Ukraine, as we actually face the following choice: either return to the presidential model, or advance to the parliamentary one", he told "Pershyi Dilovyi" TV channel.

According to Lavrynovych, "a mixed form, when the authorities of two centers of power (the president and the prime-minister) influence the activity of executive authorities, is baneful for Ukraine." "We must secure not only distribution of power among the branches, but also its unity," the politician explained.

Lavrynovych also commented on regulations to be adopted in order to secure the setting up and functioning of the coalition, in case Ukraine becomes a parliamentary republic. Lavrynovych believes that a coalition is of great necessity. 


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