The Security Service of Ukraine has got gas document form the Cabinet regarding the transfer of seven billion UAH for gas. SBU head Valentyn Nalivaychenko told journalists today in Kyiv.
"Yes, we have withdrawn everything we needed. The committe will report to the parliament tomorrow, and I will make very serious report," he said.
As a reminder, on March 11 deputy SBU head Valery Khoroshkovski informed that the Security Service demanded the Cabinet to deliver the documents regarding the clearence of the disputable 11 billion cu m of gas.
On March 4 SBU officials attacked and occupied the building of Naftogaz Ukraine company. They demanded original documents of agreements with Gazprom concerning transit and supplies of natural gas for 2009-2019.

On March 2 SBU instituted a criminal action against certain Naftogaz officials and accused them of stealing 6.3 billion cu m of gas, which cost more than 7.4 billion UAH. SBU also detained deputy head of the Energy regional custom Taras Shepitko.
Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko promised to initiate ahearing of a report of head of Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Valentyn Nalyvaychenko in the Parliament in order to elucidate detention of deputy head of the department of Energy Regional Customs of the State Customs Service of Ukraine Taras Shepitko.
Yulia Tymoshenko emphasized the President, his Secretariat and subordinate to him Security Service have started large-scale political repressions towards people trying to resist corruption. She considers Taras Shepitko has paid with his freedom for the denial to obey evil orders of the President. As the Premier explained, Taras Shepitko had been invited to the SBU and exerted pressure. Yulia Tymoshenko informed the Energy Customs employee had been forced to get clearance for 11 billion cubic metres of natural gas for RosUkrEnergo company. At this, she reminded the mentioned 11 billion cubic metres the Naftogaz of Ukraine had bought from Gazprom, according to the clinched deals.

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