Former U.S. ambassador in Ukraine Steven Pifer is afraid of stirring up separatist moods in Crimea by the nationalistic circles among Russian authorities the nearest years. It may lead to armed conflicts on the peninsula. At the worst, Russian troops may be drawn into a conflict with Ukrainian members of the top brass, considers diplomat.

“Armed conflicts between separatists and Ukrainian security services are at the highest risk”, is pointing ex-ambassador in the report for the Council on foreign relations. Finally, it may lead to a crisis challenging territorial integrity of Ukraine, cites Crimean agency Novy region Steven Pifer as saying.

“Nationalists in Russia will be catching any separatist moves on the Crimean peninsula to revive disputes of 90s years on allegedly illegal delivery of Crimea to Ukraine”, is predicting former ambassador.

“Persistent efforts of Russia to encourage separatism in Crimea or renewal of relations between Crimea and Russia may become the main point of the agenda of dispute between USA and Russia”, states diplomat. “The results may eclipse results of the conflict between Russia and Georgia in 2008”.

According to Steven Pifer, Washington is to settle contradictions between Moscow and Kyiv. “The U.S. President Barak Obama and the government are interested in policy downplaying domestic tensions in Ukraine and minimizing confrontation between Ukraine and Russia”, he noted, MIGnews informed.

“Remembering experience of Georgia, Washington should guarantee transparency in Kyiv on supporting Ukraine in the case of confrontation with Moscow”, stressed Steven Pifer.


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