On Friday, Mykola Tomenko, Vice-Chairman of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, stayed with a working visit in Warsaw, where he met Bronislaw Komorowski, Marshal (Speaker) of Seim of the Republic of Poland, press office of the parliament reported.

As the Co-Chairman of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the Republic of Poland and Ukraine, M.Tomenko expressed his content with the fact that the work of the Assembly was being restored after a two-year break (the Fourth Sitting is presently being held). The schedule of the today´s sitting envisaged discussion of issues appertaining to Ukrainian-Polish relations, especially concerning preparation for the Final Part of the European Football Championship-2012. 

However, M.Tomenko drew attention to the insufficient number of border crossings between the countries.


The Vice-Chairman of Ukrainian Parliament deems necessary to arrange the border crossings in accord with the interests of citizens of both countries, which should promote relations of good neighbourhood between the countries. M.Tomenko deems necessary to increase the number of motor-car crossings at least by two times.


"It is quite apparent that European standards of relations should be maintained. The governments of both countries should boost their activity aimed at creation of a civilized system of border crossings", - stated the Chairman of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.


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