The Government has become a hostage to the policy of the National Bank of Ukraine. The Premier Yulia Tymoshenko announced on Thursday during her meeting with motor carriers, Government portal reported.

As Yulia Tymoshenko put it, for now the part of state funds has been “frozen” on bank accounts and the Government cannot use them to solve urgent problems: “Besides, the part of funds of the state corporations, including Naftogas of Ukraine, UkrZaliznytsya is being kept in certain banks”.

The Prime Minister emphasized unskilled currency policy of the National Bank of Ukraine leads to the problems the Government faces while paying off its financial liabilities. 

“You are all know our relations with the National Bank have been strained for a long time and we demand solving of a series of issues which, as the Government considers, are logical,” Yulia Tymoshenko imparted and added that, in particular the Government suggests to bring to compliance the currency course rates. She reminded that the foreign currency rates should not exceed 6.5 UAH against 1USD: “I have repeatedly addressed the NBU and the President. I consider the present course rates are groundless in every reason – and also from the point of view of financial and economic crises. It is abnormal situation”.

Yulia Tymoshenko underlined nowadays it is vital to build the activity of NBU in appropriate way: “If activity of the National Bank is led properly, everything will be set in its place”.

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