Mykola Tomenko, Vice-Chairman of The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, believes that the lack of substantial organizational conclusion after the yesterday´s meeting of the President with the leaders of Kyiv City State Administration and heads of district city State administrations demonstrates the failure to understand the current situation in Kyiv. 

However, according to Mykola Tomenko, the interview of Leonid Chernovetsky under the generalized title "As long as I am a Mayor, any new Tax or Duty will not appear in Kyiv" was published in all the national printed mass media today. 

"I am not dwelling upon the freedom of speech, but it is apparent that the interview was published in the most popular Ukrainian newspapers as an advertisement," stated Tomenko, press office of the parliament reports.

"It is no use discussing the matter, suffice it to say that only prosecution or elections are able to cure this incurable disease of cynicism of Kyiv authorities," Tomenko summed up. 


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