Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko urges the officials to pay off arrears of wages at enterprises of the governmental form of property by the end of March. She said at the Cabinet's meeting.   

Tymoshenko informed that the total arrears of wages to the all governmental enterprises make 341mln hryvnias. “This sum is absolutely inadmissible,” she said, adding that “arrears of wages in the state sector of economy is intolerable.”

The PM warned that every minister would bear personal responsibility for the settlement of arrears of wages in his or her area of activities. "The end of the month is the term by which I will skin every minister.”

Tymoshenko promised that if the problem of arrears of wages is not settled in a concrete sphere, the profile ministry will be deprived of salaries. “And if this has no effect, the following step will be the submission of the dismissal application to the Verkhovna Rada," she summed up.


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