Informing the media about the results of the meeting on coordination of state authorities’ work, held on Friday, President Viktor Yushchenko said that the participants had reached an agreement to realize three major steps, according to the President`s press-office. 

The first step would be signature of a joint declaration today, on the state of economy in Ukraine, affirming readiness of all the parties to unite their efforts in fighting the crisis. 

The second step would be elaboration of single position on cooperation between Ukraine and the IMF. The President informed also that a working group would elaborate a document, demonstrating joint political will of all the branches of power to provide implementation of concrete economic projects. As agreed by participants of the meeting this document is to be presented on March 2, at 15.00 to be presented for initialing. 

Within the framework of the third step, representatives of the sides that took part in the meeting would form a working group to elaborate a joint anti-crisis package. President Yushchenko said that it first of all regards budgetary and general economic issues.


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