The Government plans to approve bills on energy saving in Ukraine during its sitting. Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko told, opening the Government’s sitting, Government portal reported.

In particular, according to her, the Government will approve a bill envisaging a 10-year tax holiday for enterprises using the alternative and renewed energy sources.

The Prime Minister noted that the approval of this bill would encourage the replacement till 25% by alternative and renewed energy sources in the total energy balance of Ukraine. According to her, today such replacement totaling 0.83%, whereas according to the world’s standards the energy saving should total from 15% to 25%.

At that Yulia Tymoshenko stressed that the Government would insist on the Parliament’s passing of this bill next session week.

The Prime Minister also informed that the Government intends to adopt a Concept of the State Target Economic Programme “Nuclear Fuel of Ukraine”. “We have completely analyzed the situation, revised the system of problems, and today we have clear steps that Ukraine has to take and all the authorities in Ukraine, including the local authorities, to have partially our own nuclear-fuel cycle,” she noted.  


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