A coalition of the Party of Regions and BYuT is possible under the condition of forming a new government at the head of Viktor Yanukovych, vice speaker Oleksandr Lavrynovych (Party of Regions) said.

“I consider this union possible, but only if they are ready to give the first place to the interests of the nation and if they are ready to make way for those who can do the job…If Yulia Tymoshenko understands this and declares that her government resigns and that her political force is ready to participate in formation of a new government with the Party of Regions,” he said.

According to Lavrynovych, otherwise early parliamentary elections are inevitable. “If the elections are postponed again, BYuT will have fewer chances to have solid representation in the parliament and to influence the situation,” he believes.

At the same time the vice speaker noted that “under normal conditions of country development” the question regarding the coalition with BYuT would not be urgent.


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