Within the framework of his official visit to Denmark, Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) Chairman Volodymyr Lytvyn met with his Danish counterpart Thor Pedersen and that country's parliamentary presidium members to discuss a number of bilateral cooperation questions, the Rada press service reported.

Lytvyn said during the meeting that all the political forces represented in the Ukrainian parliament agree on Ukraine's European choice. In his turn, Pedersen noted that the Danish lawmakers support Ukraine's European aspirations, and will take effort to contribute to Ukraine's closer cooperation with the European community.

The participants in the meeting exchanged views of Ukraine's Euroatlantic perspectives. Particularly, asked by Pedersen about Ukraine's NATO membership prospects, Lytvyn said the issue is splitting Ukraine. He emphasized that Ukraine would continue cooperation with the Alliance in keeping with partnership programs.

While describing political situation in Ukraine, the Speaker noted that, in the development of its statehood, this country reached a certain line to be crossed to obtain a new quality. He also pointed to severe political confrontation in Ukraine, based on personal relations rather than ideological discord. “It means the parliament must work hard to play the role of a stabilizing factor for all branches of power,” Lytvyn stressed. In his opinion, political contest should be converted into energy for outlining optimal ways of the country's development.

Lytvyn also noted that the question of energy supply and transfer to energy saving technologies and alternative sources of power is particularly vital to Ukrainian energy security. He believes Denmark's experience in this area could be combined with Ukraine's potential.

The Danish Speaker informed that this year it is planned to call in his country a UN conference on climate problems (Kyoto 2). Lytvyn said Ukraine would like to participate in this extremely important affair of international cooperation.

Touching on economic cooperation, Pedersen noted that Danish enterprises lately extended their investment presence in Ukraine, particularly, in the agro-industrial complex, adding close contacts between the two countries' deputies and parliaments would boost economic growth in both Ukraine and Denmark.



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