The grant of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for completion of the sarcophagus over the Chornobyl nuclear power plant will be received within nearest time. Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko announced at the Cabinet's session.

Yulia Tymoshenko reminded the Government of Ukraine had signed a special agreement with the EBRD on grant in the amount of Eur 135 mln to complete the confinement over the Chornobyl NPP. “Together with the EBRD President we have signed all the documents and the funds are due to come within nearest time,” the Head of Government said, Governmnet portal reported.

The Premier emphasized the allocated funds would be sufficient to complete this “strategic, core project for Ukraine” and to transform Chornobyl into an ecologically safe zone.

“It is a great progress for Ukraine and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and it gives hope we will have completed all the projects, connected with Chornobyl nuclear power plant,” Yulia Tymoshenko emphasized.


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