Ukraine, Russia and the European Union are doomed to the development of trilateral cooperation in the question of gas deliveries, Verkhovna Rada Chairman Volodymyr Lytvyn said in Brussels, UKRINFORM reported. 

He said that all of the talks on the construction of alternative gas pipelines running to Europe are still emotional, rather than practical. "We should recognize that Russia has gas, Ukraine - a strong gas transportation system and storage facilities, and Europe cannot go without Russian gas. These circumstances, if we recognize them, are evidence that we are doomed to a trilateral dialogue," he said. 

Explaining his position regarding the need to create a gas transportation consortium, he said that nobody has the right to infringe on Ukraine's ownership, "however, we should be also interested in using it effectively, and I would not like Ukraine to be left with empty gas pipelines."

Lytvyn said that Ukraine should be more active in defending its own position in energy issues. He said that Ukraine had always met its commitments to Europe. "But, unfortunately, Ukraine has lost its information war [with Russia]," he said, adding that European consumers are not interested who is to blame for the January gas row, as they are interested in stable gas supplies.


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