Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko says that improvement of the Ukraine - Russia relations fully depends on the Russian Federation, and suggests reinforcement of the business component of bilateral cooperation, Ukrinform reports. 

Speaking in an interview with Sweden's Bonnier Business Press media concern, Yushchenko emphasized that Ukraine is striving to have constructive relations with all foreign states, including Russia. The main thing is that those relations be built on the grounds of mutual respect, equality and good-neighborhood, he said. 

The President proposes strengthening business elements in Ukraine's relations with Russia. Economy and trade are always better advisors than politics, especially as regards restoration of mutual trust, Yushchenko says. 

He also listed a number of reasons for contradictions between the two countries. 

The main reason, in his opinion, was Russia's wish to consolidate its international positions through “educating” its neighbors, particularly during the military intervention of Georgia last summer. 

Beside that, the President emphasized, Ukraine and Russia chose different socio-political development models. That is why some absolutely technical questions of bilateral relations were overpoliticized by Russia, like free-market rent for the stay of the Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine, or demarcation of state borders. Low-productive discussions also involved historical, cultural, language and other humanitarian questions that are very important to the independent, sovereign Ukraine, Yushchenko underscored.


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