After the law on temporary investigation commission of the parliament, simplifying the impeachment procedure, has been adopted, politicians abd experts start talking about Yushchenko’s dismissal. But to accomplish this, a union between BYuT and the Party of Regions is needed. Tymoshenko repeatedly stated that iti s senseless to dismiss Yushchenko, as the situation in the country is difficult enough.

Nevetherless, one of the ByuT members Andriy Portnov stated that his political force can conduct the impeachment procedure withing three or four months. “If the Prime Minister ordered BYuT lawyers to conduct this procedure, we would accomplish it within three or four months, and we don’t need any law for this,” he said.

According to Portnov, “the President is guilty of more than 80 positions.” “These are illegal decrees of the President, illegal suspension of governmental decrees, liquidation of courts and dismissal of constitutional judges. These are positions the President can be accused of,” Portnov explained.

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