Monday, February 9 Vice Prime Minister for European and International Integration Hryhoriy Nemyria chaired the fifth sitting of the Coordination Council for Adaptation of Ukraine’s Legislation to the Legislation of the European Union.

Opening the meeting Hryhoriy Nemyria stressed that the activity in approaching the national legislation to the European norms is a priority component of the process of Ukraine’s advancement to the EU and illustrates at most interdependence of the process of European integration with internal state reforms.

He pointed out that the Parliament plays the key role in the process of adaptation of Ukraine’s legislation to the European and urged to intensify the cooperation between the Parliament and the Government.

According to him, in order to establish effective cooperation the joint sittings of the Ukraine-EU Committee and European Integration Committee of the Verkhovna Rada has been launched. 

In his speech Hryhoriy Nemyria also underlined that “the process of harmonization of the legislation has to be clearly synchronized with the negotiation process between Ukraine and the EU, in particular with the concluding of the Association Agreement which includes issues of creating a free trade zones, forming the joint air space and membership in Energy Community”.

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