Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko suggests to direct part of money from the Stabilization fund of the State Budget for the development of agricultural consumer’s cooperations. She announced today, during a meeting into the issues of agricultural consumer’s cooperations. 

Yulia Tymoshenko reminded the Stabilization fund envisaged expenses which are to be used for agrarian sector, including for cooperation needs. In particular, according to her, it concerns 2 billion hryvnyas planned for cheap agricultural credits, 200 million hryvnyas – for support of farmer’s economies and 1.5 billion – for social-economic development.

As Yulia Tymoshenko put it, the part of resources envisaged for the social-economic development can be allotted for creating of agricultural consumer’s cooperations and their infrastructure. “From 1.5 billion hryvnyas we have in the Stabilization fund for social-economic development the part of needed money we will direct to this very actual problem,” the Head of Government stressed.

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