According to a source in the Communist party of Ukraine, leader of the party Petro Symonenko will be dismissed from his position at the nearest congress.

Leonid Hrach is a possible new leader of the party and the parliamentary faction. At the same time, it is unknown when the party congress will take place.
On February 2 Petro Symonenko confirmed the information on the birth of his illegitimate daughter. “January 22 my daughter was born, we named her Maria after my mother. Now I have two sons and one daughter. I am sure everything will be fine,” he said. 

Besides, Symonenko informed that the mother of his child is parliamentary journalist Oksana Vashchenko.

Not every member of the party believes that the things will be fine. Some communists accused Symonenko of immorality and believe that the scandal will harm the image of the party.

It was Symonenko's wife, Svetlana, who first told the public about his illegitimate daughter. Mrs Symonenko went on air and said that her husband tried to get divorced without letting her know. She also said that she would fight for their marriage.


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