The Government takes under personal control the solution of problem issues of the Artek International Children Center, in particular, its financing. Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko announced at a special meeting on this issue, Cabinet's press office reported.

As the Head of Government said, all expenses for Artek pass through the State Administrative Department which is subjected to the President of Ukraine. According to Yulia Tymoshenko, despite the ICC problems, State Administrative Department has failed to submit necessary proposals to the Budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on financing Artek.  

Moreover, Yulia Tymoshenko suggested resolving Artek problems at the cost of reducing inefficient expenses, meant for maintenance of the President of Ukraine and his Secretariat. “These expenses – about 1bn hryvnias – are absolutely incoherent, inefficient and squandering of money,” the Prime Minister stated. So, according to her, the Government has submitted to the Verkhovna Rada proposals to reduce “grand” expenses of the President of Ukraine and his Secretariat and give this money for the needs of Artek.


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