Deputy Speaker Mykola Tomenko believes it is necessary to hold an emergency session of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine on the situation in Kyiv and activities of Kyiv authorities, he told journalists on Friday.

Tomenko pointed out that the Kyiv authorities refuse to observe the Ukrainian legislation and fulfill orders of the Cabinet of Ministers. He also added that Kyiv officials introduce illegal taxes in the city.

“It seems that in the nearest future they will charge not only dead Kyiv residents, but also all relatives of Kyiv residents, including those living in other countries”, he said.

Tomenko stressed that neither the government nor other power organs can influence Kyiv mayor Leonid Chernovetski, because the latter claimed many times that he follows the order of the President only.

“It looks like the President supports the activities of Chernovestki and his illegal actions, as he awarded recently the mayor with Yaroslav the wise order”, Tomenko underlined.


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