Within the framework of commemoration of the 91st anniversary of the Battle of Kruty President Victor Yushchenko visited the Memorial to Kruty Heroes in Chernihiv Region. At the place President Yushchenko put flowers to the memorial and took a tour of the museum.

Among other participants of the event were Minister for Culture Vasyl Vovkun, Defense Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov, deputy Chief of President's Staff Roman Bezsmertny, state deputies,  representatives of local authorities, etc.

In his address President Yushchenko said the Battle of Kruty was one of the major victories in a struggle for Ukrainian independence. Reminding of those events' importance the President stressed that thanks to the battle Ukrainian People's Republic leadership managed to achieve international recognition of Ukraine as the state.

President Yushchenko thanked all those who came to commemorate victims of the Battle of Kruty.


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