At the end of February, an enlarged sitting of the Cabinet of Ministers to be held with participation of representatives of the sectoral trade union organizations to consider an issue on implementing the package of agreements between trade unions and Government.

Up to that time, the heads of ministries and other bodies of central authorities shall implement a protocol commission of Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko, including 150 items and the proposals of sectoral trade unions which are taken into consideration.

Deputy Head of the Federation of Trade Unions Hryhoriy Osovyi reporting to the Government’s sitting stated that there is progress in implementing the agreements achieved half year ago at the meeting of the Prime Minister of Ukraine with trade union representatives.   

Hryhoriy Osovyi stressed that “due to active and fundamental stand of the Prime Minister, we have succeeded to get some issues moving”. He also emphasized that Yulia Tymoshenko’s meeting with trade unions in April-June last year and constant dialogue – “is an act of good will of both sides for interaction and combining efforts in solving essential problems for the economy and labour people”.

According to him, trade unions consider such direction of work very important and necessary.

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