President Victor Yushchenko met Friday the IMF Mission officials to Ukraine, president's press office reported.

Speaking to mission's representatives President Yushchenko said that "Ukraine highly appreciates cooperation with the fund" and that "we have reached the agreements that give Ukraine a chance to come to budgetary, fiscal and economic stabilization."

The President informed that the National Bank applies measures to stabilize currencies market by looking after liquidity of banking system, holding regular currency auctions, etc. Beside that the Government contributed to the process by approving the Procedure of state's participation in capitalization of banks.

"We put much effort into implementation of the Memorandum designated projects aimed at reaching macroeconomic and fiscal-budgetary policy goals," said Victor Yushchenko speaking about the agreements between Ukraine and the IMF on providing a loan to our country.

At the same time Victor Yushchenko stressed that "there are complications in both individual sectors of economy and budgetary process as a whole."  According to him there are many problems in current budget, many of them explained by political factors, but there is hope that "within the framework of the mission we will be able to push forward ‘healthy' decisions."


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