Forming the price on the Russian natural gas for Ukrainian consumers is significantly influenced by the rate policy of the National Bank of Ukraine. That’s why the present situation with the National Bank calls for immediate interference, as unless to solve this issue the gas price will grow. The First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Olexandr Turchynov announced on air of the First channel.

“The price of gas is significantly dependant on the NBU policy. The problem is unless hryvnya rate is stabilized, and it should be done immediately, the price will be exceptionally high as we purchase gas for dollars while the course position of Ukraine leads to the situation that gas price significantly raises at the account of increase of dollar rate against hryvnya,” Olexandr Turchynov explained.

He told the Parliament considered issues of course policy of the National Bank of Ukraine twice, expressed distrust to the NBU leaders, but the President of Ukraine doesn’t take necessary measures to solve the situation.

According to the First Vice Premier, now it is within responsibility of the President of Ukraine as, pursuant to the Constitution of Ukraine, it is  head of the state who submits the proposal on a candidature of the NBU chairman to the Parliament and it is president who shall submit the proposal on dismissal of the NBU chairman from post: “If Secretariat of the President and the President himself care for the consumers, the situation with National Bank of Ukraine should be stabilized starting from its leaders. It has to be done immediately, I consider this is the way to solve the issue”.

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