Bush and Yushchenko have more in common than it seems...

The administration of George W.Bush lives (of course in politically sense) the last few days, the new owner of the Oval office is trying for himself the state responsibility. America is preparing for change of the government. Soon the same will be in Ukraine ...

Eleven weeks between the election day (4 November) and the inauguration day (January 20) is traditionally regarded as the "transition period" of the executive power in the USA. During this time period next president announces his policy priorities and nominate people who will take key posts in his administration.

The period of the transfer of power is a crisis stage, especially in situations where the president comes to power, not belonging to the party, which belonged to his predecessor. Members of the former head of the US team are preparing to hand over their work and posts (according to the tradition, the day of the inauguration all members of the current administration resign), which will inevitably affect the quality of their work. The US Congress is also not particularly happy strives to work with the outgoing president, who is considered to be a "lame duck".

There is a paradoxical situation: one president has all the power, but is not effective national leader - another president has all the leadership qualities, but is unable to implement his ideas. Thus, the US federal government is turned in some vacuum that could have very serious consequences if the country is in crisis.


* * *

The above-mentioned information has some importance for us also. Indeed, already very soon the power transition period will come to Ukraine, as the authority of Viktor Yushchenko will end either in late 2009, or in early 2010. Of course, theoretically he has a chance for the second term, but taking into consideration the current situation in the country - politicals situation, the chance for this seems trivial.

If we look carefully at Yushchenko and Bush, despite much differences, there is thing in common. In particular - the weakness for simple solutions.

The results of this feature of Bush and Yushchenko are also similar (although, of course, Viktor Yushchenko has more modest - simply because of the different, let's say, geopolitical weight of Ukraine and the States). George Walker is deservedly considered the worst president in the American history, and the vast majority of people in the world treat him sharply negatively. But Yushchenko has made virtually irreversible split of Ukraine into two camps, and got approximately 90% of hatred of the fellow citizens. Outstanding performance in less than  for four years of his governance in the country

... The antient Jews had one ancient custom to hold all the sins on the goat and let him into the wilderness. Ukraine's trouble is that not all goats are willing to voluntarily off, even not in the wilderness, but at least away from the human eye.


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