Ukraine has been and still remains the country ready to transit Russian gas to the European states. Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko announced at the beginning of a Gov’t sitting today.

Ukraine, as was stressed also by Prime Minister of Czech republic Mirek Topolanek, has fulfilled all the steps to ensure Russian gas to be transited to the European Union,” Yulia Tymoshenko said.

Moreover, she informed the ministers about her morning meeting with Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico, which dealt with the issue of Russian gas delivery. The Premier reminded that Slovakia, having contract for supplies of natural gas with Gazprom, in the result of stoppage by the Russian Federation of gas shipment to the EU is in a rather complicated situation.

The Head of Government emphasized that the Russian Federation doesn’t supply gas to be transited and reminded Russia had ordered very small amount of gas in the direction which technically proves not possible to transit this gas. “First of all, such small amounts of gas declared by Russia, after full stoppage of transit of gas through the territory of Ukraine give no opportunity to technically transport this gas – the pressure in gas mains is low. Secondly, this gas was sent in the direction with backflow of Ukrainian gas shipped to the eastern regions of Ukraine and, hence, along this route the gas could not have been transported,” Prime Minister explained and added that Ukraine informed the leaders of the European Union that “all the actions taken by the Russian Federation yesterday gave no way to transit Russian gas to the European countries”.

The PM also assured unless the Russian Federation fulfill all technical conditions, Ukraine as a country-transitor, would ship gas to the European Union. “We are interested that constructive dialogs with the European Union are to be held, constructive dialogs with the Russian Federation are to be held and this conflict to wind up as soon as possible,” the Head of Government stressed.

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