If Ukraine doesn't pay all debt for the gas delivered by Russia before the New Year, there will be no legal grounds for further delivery, according to the official representative of the Gazprom Co. Serhei Kupriyanov.

"We are very anxious about it," he added.

commenting on the statement of Gazprom BYuT deputy Valery Kamchatny said that Gazprom always threats and warns. "Ukrainian storages have about 17 billion of cu m of gas, which gives us a possibility to stand for a while."

He reminded that the country faced this situation once, in 2006. “They threatened to cut off gas, but the situation normalized. The same will happen this time. Wisdom will win, the negotiation process will give results, and everything will be fine.”

“Such statements are connected with the crisis in Russia. As an oil country Russia is losing money because of the oil price drops. The same situation happens with gas,” he believes.


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