Earlier today, AFP was reporting that some hostages aboard the captured Ukrainian arms ship Faina had made a break out bid.

AFP quoted a pirate "spokesman" as saying that two of the pirates were jumped by crew members but eventually overpowered.

Now a different version of things is being offered by Russian journalist Mikhail Voitenko, who in the past has acted as a spokesman for the Faina's owner, Vadim Alperin. According to Ria-Novosti news agency Voitenko says that "yesterday evening, two pirates who headed for the shore on a boat were seized and detained by the Americans. The pirates called intermediaries and the ship owner and asked them to speak to the Americans to ask for the release of their seized accomplices, but were told it is impossible. So the pirates launched the canard about a mutiny. Something like a threat."

If U.S. forces are, indeed, holding two pirates, so far they're keeping quiet about it.


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