On the eve of the possible early parliamentary elections Socialist party of Ukraine started to criticize the definition of the famine of 1932-33 in Ukraine as “genocide of the Ukrainian people”, thought the very faction of socialists voted for the adoption of the law on recognition of Holodomor as genocide in 2007.

Official edition of SPU issued an article “Holodomor mirage in orange mist…Falsification of history: numbers and facts.”

“Genocide of the Ukrainian people is nationalistic ravings for the purpose of blackening Russia. Census of population between 1926 and 1937 says that population in Saratov region reduced by 23%, in Kazakhstan – by 15.8%, in Povolzhie – by 14.4%, in Kursk region – by 14.3%, in Mordovia – by 5.4%. In Ukraine, where according to the president we had genocide, population reduced by 1.9% only,” the article says.

Earlier, during his visit to Sevastopol in august 2008 Oleksandr Moroz, leader of the Socialist party, declared that he did not regret voting for the recognition of Holodomor as genocide.

“Speaking at the session, I said that it was worse than genocide. My main argument is history of my village. More than a half of people died because of the policy of that power,” he said.


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