The City Council of Snezhnyansk made an unprecedented and "politically murderous" decision. They will close one evening school and four day schools at once.

Any school in the city is not packed completely. Eleven thousand children could study in them when number of children in the city is twice less to date. Education is expensive. It is impossible to buy new equipment or upgrade training of pupils. This year they managed to  keep schools, but in spring already  the "terror and downfall" of two years will begin. Schools will destroy themselves.

Even now the city needs half a million hryvnias to pay coal. Schools are provided with coal till December only. It is clear that no step-be step increase of salary will take place. They wait that budget of workers of education will remain the same deficit, that is, about UAH 3 million. Enterprises reduce production, and 90% of the city budget consist of income tax payments.



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