At the Archive of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) a protest action has begun. They are protesting against opening of exhibition "UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) - History of Unsubdued". About a hundred persons came there, according to the "Skhid. Info" Agency.

Picketers formed a living corridor at the entrance. They have posters: "OUN-UPA are not our heroes", "No to glorification of UPA's bandits", "Exhibition of those who provoke wars. Pass right along!".

There are representative of the CPU, Party of Regions, Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, Union of Left Forces and social organizations of youth there.  

According to an initiator of the protest action, the President of youth social organization "The Young Guard" Arsen Klychayev, he intended to organize an anti-exhibition where documents from the Archive of Kyiv would be presented.


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