15-47% of residents of Ukraine take idea of euthanasia positively. They are sure that one has to have his right of choice. In a whole range of countries it is legal.

Director of the Odessa State University of Medicine Valeriy Zaporozhan told at a press-conference that Ukraine is now in a difficult situation: partisans of euthanasia are sure that one has to have his right of choice. Their opponents are sure: such a coup de grâce is only an excuse of our unwillingness to help to suffering persons.

According to him, we are the last European country which has not its own opinion about the matter.

"Expressions "to let die" and "to help to die" have different meanings. Euthanasia means to help to die actively, but in a wide sense it means not to hamper a person from death," he told.

He noted that recently they have carried out equipment which helps to prolong human life for unlimited time, but here a question arises whether a human can be taken as alive one if his brain only does not function but his heart and lungs are working.

Director of the National Ukrainian Association of Palliative Care  Svetlana Martynyuk Gres tells that her organization represents vote of 1.5 million gravely ill persons who hope for dignity and good death after dignity last days of their life.

He added that she took euthanasia as a sin because that one who saved a man from suffering of a serious disease killed him.

She believes that palliative care is a good alternative for euthanasia.

At the same time lawyer Yaroslav Oliynyk believes that euthanasia can lead to abuse of medical duty. Doctors will not cure patients properly.  "It can not be just implemented as it is. We have to carry out a complex of regulations," he tells.

"I agree with most part of lawyers that permission of euthanasia in one country when it is prohibited in others makes grounds for trade of death.Euthanasia has risk of certain abuse if relatives of an ill person have grounds for enrichment. Ill person dies, there is heritage, so, it concerns economic motives," Oliynyk is sure.

Euthanasia is accepted as for today in Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, states of Washington and Oregon, Israel and France. In Ukraine it is prohibited according to the article 52 of current Healthcare Legislation.


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