(Reuters) - Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko issued a fresh appeal to Ukraine's politicians on Thursday to form a new "grand coalition" in parliament and offered for the first time to step down if that would help end a deadlock.

Tymoshenko, under pressure from blows dealt to Ukraine's export earners, steel and chemicals launched a fresh attempt to forge a coalition able to command a majority inside parliament.

"I have issued a proposal confirming emphatically that I am ready to change the make-up of this government if that is needed for the sake of unifying everyone in this parliament," she told regional governors in remarks broadcast on television.

"If anyone among us, including the prime minister, is not deemed suitable for this cause and replacements are proposed, please feel free to vote accordingly after unity is achieved."

Tymoshenko said the magnitude of the crisis, which has also sent the hryvnia currency into sharp decline, was "nudging" all parties to find a way to make parliament work.

She made a similar proposal to form a broad-based government last month, but had never suggested that she would quit.


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