Donetsk providers of cable television ask the local authorities protection from the Nations council on television and radio. It was said at the round table on topic: "Ban of Russian TV channels. How to protect people's interests?", which was organized by Donetsk city council.

The providers, representatives of the city council, deputies of Donetsk and Luhansk regional council participated in this meeting.

The providers stated on pressure on them from the national television and radio council.

The National council issued a resolution on ban of 79 TV channels because they do not correspond to the language legislation. 75of the m are the Russian channels. As to this problem, the representatives of the cable channels note that according to statistics, every fourth resident of Donetsk oblast watches Russian channels.

'The decision of the National council is stipulated first of all by nationalist positions of the President and his people. There is no doubt in it. Such actions are destruction of the Russian culture, Russian language. This is cultural genocide against Russian-speaking people," the secretary of Donetsk city council Mykola Levchenko said.


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