Negotiations on formation of a new coalition in the parliament started yesterday at night. MP from the Party of Regions Vadym Kolesnichenko informed about it. "These negotiations are held among all factions," he added.

In his turn, BYUT member Valeriy Pysarenko noted that statement of Arseniy Yatsenyuk on a creation of a new political force is a myth. "I am convinced Yatsenyuk is too experienced to leave the politics. President had prepared some post for Yatsenyuk, I think this post is a chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine," he said.

"I believe that Yatsenyuk's resignation is one step to move the situation to the parliamentary elections. If they had wanted to approve Yatsenyuk's resignation, it would have been done when he sent for it," he said.

The PR member Hanna Herman told yesterday those were very unexpected negotiations.

"I used to very important things in the country happen at night," she said.

According to Herman, a new VRU speaker should be an experienced person who does not have presidential ambitions.


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