Ukraine intends to restore in the Crimea the military units dissolved after dissolution of the USSR, Minister on Defence Yuriy Yekhanurov told.

"In reduction they dissolved important units. We plan to restore them," he told in an interview to the "Tyzhden" ("Week") magazine.

According to Yu.Yekhanurov, it concerns units of marine force and anti-aircraft defence.

He added that the state will increase number of flats built in Sevastopol for servicemen of the Maritime Forces of Ukraine, totally up to 200 flats.

Answering a question whether the Southern-Ossetian scenario could be repeated in the Crimea, Yekhanurov told that "no military provocation is possible there. Though there are certain tendencies, we are capable enough to localize them".

"Neither Ukraine, nor Russia will allow the conflict. But one has to be strong to prevent others from attacking. We have powerful aviation and anti-aircraft defence, it is too risky to attack us," the Head of Ukrainian defence institution stressed.

Yekhanurov sheered away from the question whose army was more efficient during the Caucasian War.

"I may not answer all the questions, but taking into account those events we made certain corrections in our maneuvers this year," he told.


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