Leader of Libya Muammar Gaddafi gave presented Ukrainian president with his tent. Officials of Libyan Embassy explained that this present means that Gaddafi is fully satisfied with the results of talks and extends a hand of friendship to Viktor Yushchenko.

“For a Libyan, a tent is a symbol of hospitality, nobleness and readiness to help,” Said Graira, Libyan attaché, told.

Press secretary of the president confirmed that Muammar Gaddafi left his tent as a present. “Now we are considering where to keep the present. As a variant, the tent will stay in the president’s residence. Or it may be transported to a museum,” Iryna Vannikova said.

The Libyan leader does not make such presents very often – Gaddafi has presented his tents to Russian PM Putin and French president Sarkozi lately.  


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