Long queues on borders have disappeared, which means export and import flows of Ukraine have decreased.

“We thought long lines were a problem, but when they disappeared we felt like we were short of oxygen. We can feel how import and export have been reduced,” the head of the State customs service of Ukraine Valery Khoroshkovsky told in an interview with “Weekly mirror”.

 According to the data of the service, import volume reduced by 18% comparing to the same period of the last year and by 14% comparing to September of this year.

“The situation with export is even worse,” Khoroshkovsky stated.

According to him, the export flow to
Western Europe has reduced abruptly, while the reduction of export to Russia is going slower.

According to the data of the State customs service, comparing to the similar period of the last year, export of metal and metal products has reduced by 27%, export of wood and pulp and paper goods has reduced by 31% and export of skin has reduced by 41%. At the same time, export of grain has increased four times.


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