A deputy of Kharkiv regional council Volodymyr Proskurin addressed the authorities of the council with a suggestion to restore a monument to the victory over Karl XII army.

The matter concerns the pre-existing monument erected in Soviet times on the place of the first defeat of the Sweden army, the leader of the “Russian bloc” party in Kharkiv Gennady Makarov. Karl’s army lost a battle in February 1709 near the village Horodnoye.

In 1972 the monument was included into the list of historical and cultural monuments.

But in July 2008, during the preparation process to the actions dedicated to 300th anniversary of Battle of Poltava, it turned out the monument disappeared.

The representative of “Russian bloc” explained that according to residents of the village the monument was destroyed in 80ies during the road building, and only a building plate with the inscription reminded about the monument.

“The policy of the official Ukrainian power aimed at misrepresentation of historical truth, praising of traitors and
burying in oblivion the heroic past of the brotherly Russian and Ukrainian peoples. None of the parts ever showed an intention to restore the monument till now,” Makarov stated.


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