Members of the Legislative assembly of St. Petersburg asked the President of the Russian federation Dmitry Medvedev to take over the control situation with the Faina ship of Ukraine seized by pirates of Somalia, according to the RBK.

As reported, the Faina was captured by pirates on September 25 with all the crew of 17 Ukrainians, 3 Russian  and 1 citizen of Latvia.

The ship followed to Kenya with a cargo of weapons.

As a reminder, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine delivered a statement that according to the international practice, in case of capturing a ship by pirates the state structures do not participate in direct negotiations with pirates."

The members of the Legislative assembly believe that such position proves feebleness of the power. According to Taras Stetskiv from OU-PSD, only Ombudsman of Ukraine Nina Karpachova is taking up this question in the country at the state level.

Leader of the National Union "Svoboda" Oleh Tyahnybok believes that Ukrainian power acts in an inefficient way showing complete disregard to the fortune of our compatriots.

"It is simply preposterous that the state do no attempts to pay ransom for its mariners or deliberate them by force. There are hundreds and thousands armed people in uniform in our country, and they are unable to carry out a military operation against Somalia pirates," noted in his comment the leader of the National political party "Brotherhood" Dmytro Korchynskyi. 


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