The question about Sevastopol belonging will become the critical point in the relations between Kyiv and Moscow and will speed up Ukraine’s membership in NAYO, the mayor of Sevastopol Valery Saratov declared.

“We must do everything possible to prevent the breakup of the relations between Ukraine and Russia. Both our futures depend on these relations,” Saratov said.

According to him, “to make Ukraine and Russia be friendly counties and not conflict on the status of the city, Sevastopol should take the front line in this question.”

He considers that any attempts to aggravate artificially the problem on Sevastopol’s belonging “will destroy the relations between Ukraine and Russia, and it cannot be allowed.”

The statement of Saratov has been criticized by the organization “Russian community of Sevastopol,” which has brought an action to a court trying to dispute the status of the city.

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