Due to repeated elections the sponsors of the main political players will revolt. Leading politicians and experts of Ukraine expressed their opinion at the press conference.

In particular, Our Ukraine deputy Yaroslav Djodjik considers that all these attempts to appeal the presidential decree on dismissal of the parliament are caused by the “sponsors’ strike.”

According to him, those who paid for the list places now say that they paid for 4 years, not 1, “and these sponsors are pressing the leaders of the blocs to fight against re-elections.”

At the same time, the president of “Penta” political research center Volodymyr Fecenko noted that the parties’ sponsor have not compensated the money spent at the previous elections, “and now they are thinking about future presidential election.”

“It is a problem for them now to spend big money for the early parliamentary elections. I would say that even if the elections take place, the campaign would be more economical, even ‘ascetic’ than the previous ones, for example,” Fecenko noted.

According to him, the parties and blocs will fight for the victory, but will look for the variants which requires less expenses.


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