Members of the City Council of Uzhgorod approved resolution, according to which all responsibility for "unpredictable and catastrophic" processes in the country caused by dissolution of the parliament is laid upon the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko personally.

The Decree on dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is called in this resolution "an irresponsible, adventurist, aimed to satisfy personnal political ambitions of certain politicians." It is mentioned as well that this action of the President "will affect negatively weak economy of Ukraine," correspondent of ZAXID.NET in Uzhgorod informs.

"Involving of the country into the next early electioneering racing will cause total destruction of economy, financial and banking system and hit a terrific stroke to the budget of every Ukrainian fa,ily," the resolution states.

Members of the City Council accused "bankrupt political surrounding" of Victor Yushchenko of putting "own political interests above fortune of the Ukrainian people and of state of Ukraine."


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