Activists of the pro-Russian organizations intend to appeal to the Administrative court of Sevastopol to prove illegal staying of the city in the composition of Ukraine.

The leader of the legal organization “Belief” Svyatoslav Kompaniets informed.

According to the appeal, the defendants are the Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, government of Ukraine, city council of Sevastopol, Embassy of Russia, mayor of Moscow, chairman of Council of Europe and others.

Authors of the appeal remind that in 1994 the city council of Sevastopol adopted a resolution on the Russian status of the city. “This act is based on that Ukraine does not have any documents proving the right of possessing the territory of Sevastopol. There is no international agreement which determines borders with the Russian Federation. Official Kyiv formed executive bodies, army departments and security service and police organs in the city on unknown grounds,” the appeal says.

In addition, the activists state that the Embassy of Russia and city administration of Moscow were aware of such violations, but took no measures.

The authors of the appeal demand the court to recognize the inactivity of the city council and the Russian side illegal, to oblige both parties to send a declaration on Sevastopol’s belonging to Russia to Yushchenko and to initiate an appeal to the international structures in case of any obstacles which might be created by Ukraine.


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