The Party of Regions is involved in primitive and not nice intrigues and ruined the talks with BYuT.

The PR deputy Taras Chornovil told journalists commenting on his decision to leave the party.

He declared he is going to leave politics. “I will stay and keep working in the committee on foreign affairs; I think I do this job well. As for political activity, well, there is no politics as it is,” Chornovil said.

The deputy noted he is not leaving the faction. “I leave the party and don’t take part in the next elections, whatever they are,” he underlined.

“Supporting the President we ruined the possibility of normal and stable development of the country,” he said. According to him, the Party of Regions knew that the President wanted to destroy the VR and parliamentarianism itself in the country.

According to Chornovil, the President wants to make the parliament unable to function and not to announce early elections.

“In this case the President will adopt changes to the Constitution by means of the referendum, and these changes will give him power for ages,” he added.

The deputy also noted that this process started in the party two-three week ago. “I tried to influence it, but nobody listened to,” he said.

Chornovil also denied any accusations of support of BYuY. “I don’t support anyone. I support normal position, when it was possible to form powerful majority between BYuT and the PR avoiding political issues,” he underscored.

“It won’t happen now, and I don’t want to play this,” he added.

According to him, it was the Party of Regions who ruined the talks with BYuT on the coalition formation after having submitted the draft bill on the state service concerning obligatory knowledge of the Russian language for state officials.

“This draft bill put BYuT into awkward situation,” Chornovil summed up.


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