Yesterday negotiations between BYuT and OU-PSD have been opened. Position of the Ministers from "Our Ukraine" about this question is united with the position of the faction, the Minister of Justice of Ukraine Mykola Onishchuk told at the briefing.

"Together with traditional and invariable political priorities such as blame of aggression in Georgia, solving of the problem of location of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia in the Crimea and problem of passing the laws contradicting the Coalitional Agreement," the Minister told.

He reminded that there were 5 laws in the VRU under discussion which have signs of anti-constitutionality. The President put veto upon them and returned them to the VRU for reconsideration.

Minister of Justice stressed that the OU-PSD faction together with the members of the Cabinet from the faction take as inappropriate the conditions concerning early parliamentary and Presidential elections proposed by BYuT.

"This question is outside jurisdiction and competence of the factions and VRU if we are speaking about early election of the President," he summarized.


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