Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko denies the information on gas debts, pumped into Ukrainian gas storage. She told journalists at a briefing.

Commenting on the information, announced at the meeting of the National Security and Defense Council on that Ukraine did not pay for the gas, Tymoshenko informed that “Naftogaz” paid for 9.5 milliard cu m of gas, pumped into the storage.

She underlined that the company plans to pump and pay for 16 milliard cu m of gas before the launch of the heating season. “It is the first time for many years, when Naftogaz is ready for heating seasons and has gas in its storage. Before that the gas used to be on the balance of corrupted structures,” Tymoshenko declared.

Premier also expressed a hope she would make an agreement in
Moscow this week on gas supply for 2009.

“I hope I will agree with Gazprom, Premier and President of Russia. I cannot plan this, but I hope I will manage to do this,” Tymoshenko said.

 She also noted she would like to have this agreement before October 21, the day of consideration of the draft bill on state budget for 2009.


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