If the fact that Viktor Yushchenko personally coordinated the supply of weapon to Georgia is proved, communists will initiate an institution of criminal case against the President.

CPU deputy Spiridon Kilinkarov declared commenting on the preliminary results of the examination of the supply of weapon to Georgia carried our by the temporary investigative commission of the parliament.

“I have no doubts that the supply of weapon was coordinated by Yushchenko. His one-sided position without clarifying real situation in the Caucasus proves that Yushchenko is not an independent politician, but the agent of Bush on the territory of Ukraine,” he said.

According to the deputy, if Yushchenko’s involvement into the supply of weapon is proved he must account for this.

“It is crime. The man violated the law, his is a perpetrator and the procedure of impeachment should be launched. We will make a decision after official results of the commission are announced,” Kilinkarov underscored.

As a reminder, on Friday, September 26 the temporary investigative commission of the parliament revealed several facts: the supply of weapon to Georgia was coordinated by Yushchenko personally; the weapon was supplied at reduced prices; there are facts of weapon smuggling.


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